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Product Description

Stoneware, like feldspar faience and porcelain, it is a ceramic material. Porto Brasil Stoneware is an innovative and sustainable material, combining the best natural raw material with a unique burning process and handmade finishing, delivering a product with outstanding characteristics regarding quality and strength by following world standards. In addition, we are able to provide exclusive pieces, where changes in shapes, reliefs, and color variations are characteristic effects of the products, thus evidencing their originality and authenticity.

technical specifications

use and care

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technical features


Uso e cuidados
Guarantee 90 days for manufacturing defect and 9 months for cracking.
Use Oven, Freezer and Microwave
Porto Brasil stoneware has high mechanical and thermal resistance. The recommended temperature range is around 180°C. Porto Brasil stoneware can be used safely in the oven, microwave and freezer, as long as the handling specifications are respected.As a precaution and guarantee of use, you should avoid removing the product from the oven/microwave and placing it directly on a cold surface.The reverse is also valid, removing the product from the freezer and placing it directly in the oven and microwave.Heat Transfer: Product handles may overheat during microwave use. Caution must be taken in handling.The heating and cooling processes must be done gradually.Never use the product in direct contact with an open flame or any other direct heat source.
Porto Brasil Stoneware can be used in dishwashers. Remove excess food from the products and, if possible, rinse them before putting them in the dishwasher. Consult your dishwasher's owner's manual for loading instructions for your machine and particular type of wash. Be careful when loading your machine in excess, as this can cause damage to the products.
Cleaning and Storage Hand Wash: We recommend a multipurpose sponge for cleaning our pieces. Storage: Avoid storing the pieces wet or in damp places because excess moisture may damage your product and cause stains on it.
Product Care:Knife Hazard: Ceramic enamels in general have a higher hardness than most metals used in the manufacture of cutlery. What normally occurs is not a scratch, but a wear of the metal on the piece. In this case, we recommend the use of soap products to remove residues from the use of cutlery. Place the powder or liquid soap on the piece that has scratches, wet the multipurpose sponge and rub it over the surface of the piece in a moderate way, rinsing the product thoroughly and drying with a dry cloth. Our tip is that powdered soap may be more assertive and remove risks more easily. If the product is scratched, removal of the scratch may only be done following the steps above. In the dishwasher, such removal is not possible because direct contact with the piece is required.
Informações complementares
The objects that decorate the photos do not accompany the product. Variations between pieces: All of our products are largely handcrafted. Due to this, irregularities, imperfections or variations in color or even in size are not considered defects, but a characteristic of exclusivity and refinement of the product. Batches: All products are produced in batches with the same production information from start to finish, but the raw materials used in the ceramic process, mostly of mineral origin, undergo physical-chemical transformations in their manufacture, thus products purchased from different batches may have differences in their shapes, reliefs, textures and tones, which does not de-characterize a product, but evidences its originality and authenticity.Food safety: Our products do not contain cadmium and lead and comply with the main regulatory authorities worldwide.

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Our World

Porto Brasil is a contemporary company with a passion for design. Innovation and pioneering are present in its DNA since its foundation, 20 years ago, and are part of the daily life of the company which is located in Porto Ferreira, São Paulo State, a traditional hub considered the "National Capital of Ceramics Artwork and Decoration"

It is a precursor in the production of Stoneware in Brazil and up to this day, the only national company to manufacture it. We are also the first company in the world to work with the digital printing system in this segment.

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